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Glasses for Missions


EE Helps people see...and SEE!


For many people it is simply their eyesight that keeps them from reading God’s word. READING GLASSES FOR MISSIONS is an exciting new tool as part of EE SA’s variaty of 15 empowering processes desiring to glorify God by providing a reliable pair of eyeglasses to people of every nation, enabling them to read His word.  


The threefold purposes of READING GLASSES FOR MISSIONS  are:

  • Equip with tools and training to provide reliable eyesight.  This includes: eye testing, fitting of the lenses and manufacturing of a purposeful frame for the reading glasses.

  • Advance the Kingdom of God by presenting the Gospel of Jesus Christ to all who receive eyeglasses and if needed also a Bible.

  • Train local missionaries and nationals in eyeglass fabrication to carry on the vision.

Fabrication workshops last for 5-6 hours. Students receive all neccesary knowledge and practical equipment  to ensure high quality fabrication in the field. Fabrication kits can be ordered from EE SA. Every kit can produce 314 reading glasses for as low as R11.00 per pair, depending on the exchange rates and import costs.

A Workshop usually runs over an evening or morning. We gladly make use of a hosting congregation or institution as workshop base.  Students also receive a short and simple method for presenting the Gospel (SHARE YOUR FAITH) as part of the workshop.

Practical usage of the equipment:

  • Reading glasses to old age people as part of the congregation’s normal running ministry.

  • Reading glasses to contacts in the congregation’s normal outreach areas.

  • Reading glasses as handy instrument of enriching the congregation’s short term outreaches.

  • Equipping missionaries to generate or support their own income.

  • Reading glasses as part of the congregation’s normal Bible distribution activities.

Fees: R100 per person

The fabrication kit can be ordered and bought from EE SA for approximately R5500 each (depending on the exchange rates and import costs). Extra stock like lenses and stainless steel wire can also be ordered from EE SA.

EE works interdenominational and our aim is to involve as many as possible congregations and institutions from the area, equipping and empowering them. 


It is always worth the time, money and effort to invest in each beleiver’s life and gifts for the sake of evangelism equipment.This is our main calling for the Kingdom!


Contact details to confirm a workshop: Pretoria 012 3330051 or Cape Town 021 9100311 .










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